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PlanetSide 2
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PlanetSide 2 Description

Experience intense and realistic combat on a massive scale in this free-to-play, first-person shooter. With thousands of troops taking the field at once, the battle is always dynamic.


PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play, first-person shooter which takes you into the future and lets you fight alongside thousands of other players for control of expansive battlefields. Unlock new combat roles and select skills from deep skill trees, letting you customize your combat experience.

Start off your hopefully long and successful career in PlanetSide 2 by selecting from one of three factions. The Terran Republic controls colonial citizens through a powerful military presence and will do anything to preserve law and order. The New Conglomerate are rebels, freedom fighters and terrorists acting as one group to loosen the grip which the Terran Republic has over the repressed citizens. The Vanu Sovereignty is incredibly advanced in the technological field and feels the only way which humans can evolve is through technology.

There are different roles which you can fulfill in PlanetSide 2. Once you have decided on a role, you can begin to specialize through the use of the skill tree. The more experienced you become on the battlefield, the better your skills will become. This is a way to ensure maximum effectiveness on the field of battle.

In addition to being on foot and taking the fight to your enemies with just the weapons you can carry, there is vehicle combat in PlanetSide 2 as well. There are various land and air based vehicles which you can drive or pilot into battle and, if employed correctly, can have devastating effects on the enemy troops.

by Kyle Hayth

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